8th of December 2012


December 8, 2012 by brasiersarah

They still think I’m a decent employee. Little to their knowledge, underlying my grunts and huffs of communication, I am bursting at the seams to get out of here. I don’t just mean work, I mean Australia. 20 days and counting.

5 thoughts on “8th of December 2012

  1. Savage says:

    Get over here!! And experience the full thrust of the motherland 😀

  2. Jaime McDowell says:

    Thanks Sarah…. what a professional looking ‘thing’ this is! So looking forward to seeing photos of the adventure. All the best for the New Year, have a wonderful time, cheers Jum

    • brasiersarah says:

      Thanks Jum! Pictures by moi, words come courtesy of my dear Rhidian. Have seen lots of little dog friends so far, they’re very funny with their costumes, you would like them. Hoipe all is well with you. Keep me updated on any crusical Agnew happenings wont you. 🙂

  3. MamaLove says:

    Hi Sarah, Doug and I were glad to see you and hope both you and Rid are enjoying your journey.

    • brasiersarah says:

      Hi ma. Good to see you too. Thanks again for the phone its been so handy so far for converting all the currency and connecting to wifi. We are having a very nice time so far. Halong Bay boat cruise was great! postcards on the way to Cooke st for you and pop too. Hope you and Doug are well.
      Much Love

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